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Terms Of Service:

 Anderson Power Washing & Exterior Maintenance (APW) is not responsible for faulty weather sealing/caulking on doors, windows or other areas of your home or business. Please insure all doors and windows are closed and locked during service. Please shut off all exterior lights and electronics.
 APW is not responsible for oxidation, paint failure, tiger striping of gutters, fallout(atmospheric staining/carbon staining unless specifically contracted to remove),rust or other environmental conditions.
 Oxidation is a dusty, chalky residue on the surface of your siding visible on your finger or a dark rag when wiping the siding lightly. Oxidation is indicative of a failure of your siding's coating due to UV rays and other variables.
 Fallout is a staining, usually along the top 2 or 3 pieces of siding on straight runs and at the corners close to the soffit areas on gable ends. It appears to be a combination of atmospheric pollutants(wood smoke, grill smoke, smog, automobile exhaust, etc. ).
 Tiger striping on gutters is generally from the asphalt on your shingles running over the gutter edge and staining the coating of the gutter face. 
 While these conditions will not be removed by a regular house wash, we can remove them as an add on service, but it can be costly due to different application methods and chemical costs. Your technician will discuss these options during your estimate or on day of service. 
 We accept cash, check and credit cards(1.5% processing on all card transactions, payment must be made 12 hours prior to appointment, we encourage our customers to pay by check or cash) Cash and check payments are due at the completion of service unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior to service.
 APW reserves the right to reschedule service time and/ or date due to inclement weather (rain, high winds, low temperatures ,etc.).
 By scheduling a service date, you are accepting these terms.